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Ashley Hooper ash_hooper at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 14 09:28:38 GMT 2006

Tony wrote:

> I wonder if there is an approach whereby I clone the root logical volume
> and somehow upgrade the clone (without booting into it, that is). That
> way the system should always at least reboot into the original system?

Although I'm not sure if you can upgrade an installation without booting into
it, you certainly can clone one partition to another if you have the disk
space.  I did this just the other day when I wanted to install Feisty to a
spare partition on my Edgy laptop - which has no CD-ROM drive (and I couldn't
be bothered doing a netboot install!).  My preferred way of doing it is to
first copy the files, and then install GRUB to the partition and then chain it
from the MBR GRUB, so that the new root partition can auto-update its list of
kernels without fighting with GRUB in the main install.

After you've sorted GRUB to your preference, you only have to sort out
/etc/fstab and update the device name of the root partition to be the new

And remember if you use 'ssh -X servername' you *can* run X applications
(albeit a little slower) remotely.  Not sure if I'd risk anything like running
gparted over the Internet though - if your connection dropped I think gparted
might just stop with the operation half-completed.

Of course for CLI stuff, you could run GNU screen just in case you were to lose
connection in the middle of a potentially destructive operation.


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