[ubuntu-uk] Freecom DVB-T USB stick

David Restall - System Administrator dave at restall.net
Wed Dec 13 12:34:18 GMT 2006

Hi Alan,

thanks for your reply.

> On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 09:36:44AM +0000, David Restall - System Administrator wrote:
> > I got this working on Dapper - it was a bit fiddly basically because
> > I was expecting it to just go in and everything I needed would
> > be apt-gettable.  It isn't you do need to download the kernle
> That is not my experience. I plugged it in and it worked.

I was hoping it would just do that for me but it was not to be :-(

> http://popey.com/Playing_with_DVB-T

Good site, especially the link to the local transmitter finder (I don't
have one).

> > The sound works fine but the picture is not as smooth as I would expect
> > from a normal TV. Reading around the subject, this is a 'feature' that is
> I suspect this is no different from watching anything else that you "normally" watch on 
> I suspect if you recorded a programme, burned it to DVD in the appropriate MPEG2 / VOB 
> format you could play it back on a domestic DVD player that you'd find under your telly 
> and it would look more "normal".

Tried this and it is still the same.

> > I'm using Kaffeine as the player and the laptop is an Acer Aspire
> > 3004WLMi AMD Sempron 3100 so should have enough grunt.  Has anybody any
> > recommendations for improving picture flow ?
> > 
> Is it jittery? Or are you just talking about the smoothness.

It's not jittery - I'd describe it as jerky or jumpy, the speech goes
along fine but the picture stops for a brief interval then jumps to
where the speech is, it's as if I'm watching through a series of short
snapshot videos.

> Don't forget most people watch a telly from >~10ft away, whereas you're probably 
> watching on a computer <~2ft away. Step away from the screen and see if it's still as 
> "abnormal".

Yes, I was expecting this but it's not a distance effect.  I'm going to
try some other viewing tools tonight when I get back home to see if it's just a
resource thing.


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