[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu FTW

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Tue Dec 12 08:35:09 GMT 2006

Sub7 wrote:
> overrun with issues like viruses and stability. I see it every day! 
> People go into this computer shop and part with hundreds of pounds for 
> him to put a disk in the drive and click next, next, next.
Is it really hundreds of pounds for just that, or are you exaggerating? 

Personally, I think you're very lucky to have a little local computer 
shop.  There aren't that many of them about.   Folks like Dell and the 
large PC World type outlets have made computers so cheap that there is 
very little money in them to be made.  How much turnover do you think 
this person needs to keep their shop afloat?  He is probably paying 
similar prices wholesale for his parts, products etc. as you can buy on 
the internet for, then he needs to make some profit - he does, after 
all, have to live.  And physically running a shop is not cheap - 
business rates, heating, lighting, stock and the incredible number of 
insurance policies you need even to start.

I think you'll probably find that this computer man is making a very 
modest income, all things taken into account.  It may well be that he 
takes home less money than he would if he got a job as a manager in PC 

Just my tuppence worth.


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