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I'm new, but inspired.

I live in a developing rural town where computers are the satanic gadgets
that the news makes them out to be.
I am a geek and have been for years, and since i left school i have looked
at local businesses and realized that people who don't know what they are
doing, are being conned out of pocket. They just do not know what they are
We have a little computer shop where you spend double what you should be,
i.e 15 quid for 2 kettle leads... So this has brought me to the conclusion
that education on computers is not great around here, it's not open to the
general public who are going to be the ones using computers in every day
life, and this needs to change.

So, i decided to bring up some ideas for use in a local IT convention,
people will certainly be interested in furthering themselves into unknown
territory and the NEED for this is big. There are a few people who are
educated as far as sending email, surfing the net and using office
applications, that's great, but, they are using windows and being overrun
with issues like viruses and stability. I see it every day! People go into
this computer shop and part with hundreds of pounds for him to put a disk in
the drive and click next, next, next.


SOOOOOOO! With ubuntu being the highlight, i would need some good material
to show off and is there such a thing as funding for these events?
The event will be recorded throughout (if it goes ahead).

I would appreciate anything you awesome folks have to say.

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