[ubuntu-uk] Laptop donation for Forest Cafe F/LOSS 'Listening Station' project

seanh at ippimail.com seanh at ippimail.com
Fri Dec 8 18:12:52 GMT 2006

We have a little time left to secure a laptop for a F/LOSS project at The
Forest [1] in Edinburgh

The project is to setup a dedicated listening station -- a second-hand
laptop running linux, an xserver, and rhythmbox, mounted on the wall with
some headphones attached. Music will be added to the listening station
over SSH. It will contain all the non-proprietary music of the forest
artists and anyone else who wants to donate music or other audio, along
with any art that goes with each album. The public can go up to the
listening station and listen to the music. They can then buy copies of the
music, or visit websites to download. They may also learn that free
software can do cool stuff.

If we don't get this laptop in time, other voices in the forest will win
out, and they will buy an ipod, which supports only proprietary formats.

So we're looking for someone's unused laptop to be donated for the
project. We don't need much in the way of specs:

* Semi-decent sound hardware, so the music will sound okay through a
decent pair of headphones that we will provide.

* At least 5GB hard disk space, 6GB would be okay, 40GB would be ideal.

So far we've had a few offers that were not up to spec, and a couple that
sounded good but haven't come through yet.

Can anyone donate a laptop for this cool project?

Please get in touch.


seanh at ippimail.com
seanhammond at jabber.org

seanh at ippimail.com
seanhammond at jabber.org

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