[ubuntu-uk] Software compatability & modems

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Dec 7 11:49:01 GMT 2006

Dave Briggs wrote:
> Hi chaps
> Just joined the list. I installed Ubuntu on a dual boot with Windows a
> couple of weekends ago with the aim of eventually making the switch
> final and permament, just as soon as I have found equivalents in
> Ubuntu for the bits of software I use on the dark side.


> My main interests are web based - blogs, wikis, forums, social
> media-type stuff. This was one of the drivers for moving to Ubuntu as
> almost everything I do is inside Firefox, so my operating system
> doesn't matter too much to me.
> As I have just moved to a new house, I am waiting for my phone line
> and broadband to be set up so am not online yet. However, I have been
> playing about with Ubuntu, looking at all the packages and seeing what
> stuff I can download once I am online.
> One thing that confused me though is that many of the packages say
> they are not compatible with my system (stating that it is a i386 or
> something). This includes standard fare like Gnumeric and Abiword, so
> I really don't understand why this is? Any help would be most
> appreciated.

If I understand your comment correctly, (and I might not have) I think 
this refers to normal PC based 32 bit computers, and not 64 bit 
computers or MAC for example.

However, Since you are looking for packages and programs which you can 
download (for ubuntu) once you are online, although you are currently 
not online, I wonder if this could lead to confusion. For example, the 
usual most convenient (and preferred) way of downloading , say, 
abiword, would be to use the add/remove programs facility. This 
connects (online) to your nominated software repositories and offers 
the fully (ubuntu) supported version of the program for your ubuntu 
etc. There are a number of other ways to install a program, but this 
is the easiest.

Ubuntu is based on debian and in general, .deb packages can be 
installed if you know what you are doing. Any rpm packages need to be 
converted to deb first.

> I also need to get an ethernet modem or router (which is right word?)

Avoid a USB offering. The item you seek is an adsl modem/router. It 
has adsl in from the phone line and at least one (hopefully four) 
ethernet sockets out. It should have a built in rudimentary firewall 
facility. It has the two obvious functions - modem, and routing.
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