[ubuntu-uk] Sound woes - Dapper

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Wed Aug 16 18:19:19 BST 2006

Mason, Glenn wrote:
>> More, fundamental than that... it seems to have lost communication with
> the sound 
>> device...
>> seanmiller at seanmiller-laptop:/windows$ alsamixer
>> alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device 
>> LiveCD works fine... so it's something that's happened to the hard drive 
>> install... as I said there was no event that I could put it down to.
> Freaky.
> Does 'lsmod | grep snd' give you anything?  This should show you what kernel
> modules were loaded for your soundcard.  And Also 'uname -r' will give you
> the current kernel release.  If you know (or can find out) what kernel
> module is required for your soundcard then 'sudo modprobe {module}' will
> load it.
It is interesting... the module which should be loaded is... or, as far 
as I can ascertain, it is anyway... atiixp...

seanmiller at seanmiller-laptop:~$ lsmod | grep snd
snd_atiixp 19724 0
snd_atiixp_modem 16136 0
snd_ac97_codec 93088 2 snd_atiixp,snd_atiixp_modem
snd_ac97_bus 2304 1 snd_ac97_codec
snd_pcm_oss 53664 0
snd_mixer_oss 18688 1 snd_pcm_oss
snd_pcm 89864 4 snd_atiixp,snd_atiixp_modem,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm_oss
snd_timer 25220 1 snd_pcm
snd 55268 7 
soundcore 10208 1 snd
snd_page_alloc 10632 3 snd_atiixp,snd_atiixp_modem,snd_pcm
seanmiller at seanmiller-laptop:~$

kernel is Dapper default... so...

seanmiller at seanmiller-laptop:~$ uname -r
seanmiller at seanmiller-laptop:~$

Hmmm... all very strange....


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