Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 10:09:00 CDT 2005

On 24/10/05, Wiehe, Simon <simon.wiehe at csfb.com> wrote:
> Over the weekend I decided to upgrade my Hoary box to Breezy. I followed the
> instructions but it didn't go very smoothly. I lost X despite making sure I
> had the required desktop packages etc., I got a load of errors with the
> xorg-common package.
> I eventually got it back by doing a command-line install of the ubuntu-desktop
> package, but it was painful. Unlike my move from Warty to Hoary which was
> completely painless.

My upgrade was similarly less-than-trouble-free, but so was moving to
Hoary from Warty. In each case, I had to repeat the sudo apt-get
dist-upgrade several times, dpkg-reconfigure X and work through at
least one blockage. For example, I had to remove a troublesome package
before the dist-upgrade would continue in Hoary and --force-overwrite
another going to Breezy.

But then both were a cakewalk compared with upgrading one Windows
version to another, though those are obviously years apart. Plus I
have an annoying habit of tinkering with my system constantly, so I've
always assumed many of those glitches were my own fault. Also, I
dist-upgrade each time about a month before official release (well
after the software is frozen and before the preview release).

In other words, it hasn't been painless, but I'm still amazed it
works. I wasn't a debian person before (TAMU->Slackware->Red Hat), so
I don't know how Ubuntu compares. Is it better or worse going from one
Debian release to another?


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