Robert Schumann robert at
Fri Oct 21 08:16:30 CDT 2005

> I login graphically which starts up an X session for me, which, amongst
> other things, starts up a number of xterminal windows (gnome-terminal,
> fwiw) for me.
I suspect that these xterm windows get started as a result of having 
ticked the "Save session" option when logging out/shutting down - that 
is the only time I have experienced xterms starting up at login.

> I'd like, when I login, for one of these terminals to run some 
> commands automatically. I know these would go in some kind of login 
> file (eg, the
> more-obviously-entitled-than-some .login, in some cases), but I don't 
> know which.
The various dotfiles, like .login, .bashrc and .bash_profile, are run to 
set up your environment when logging in to a shell i.e. to an xterm.  If 
I understand correctly, you would like some programs to run when you 
start up your X session, in which case putting them in the dotfiles 
would not be a great idea.

There is a graphical interface to run startup programs, although I'm 
away from Ubuntu right now so I can't tell you how to get at it.  I 
believe it is System > Preferences > Start Programs or something like 
that.  You can specify a program to start there, IIRC.  I would 
encourage you to try use the graphical solution whenever possible, 
because that is the only way to make sure Ubuntu is usable by people 
used to the other operating system.


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