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On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 09:19:04PM +0100, David M wrote:
>Please excuse my ignorance here, but there are so many startup files
>and so many caveats as to which gets run in which circumstances, that
>I'm confused.
>I login graphically which starts up an X session for me, which, amongst
>other things, starts up a number of xterminal windows (gnome-terminal,
>fwiw) for me.
>I'd like, when I login, for one of these terminals to run some commands
>automatically. I know these would go in some kind of login file (eg,
>the more-obviously-entitled-than-some .login, in some cases), but I
>don't know which.
>My terminal windows are running bash.
>Does anybody know which file I need to edit in this case?

Just to clarify, you want *one* out of several bash instances to run the

AFAIK anything you put in ~/.bash* will be run for *every* instance you
start, so you'll need some more magic. What types of commands do you
want to run in the bash instance?

I think the easiest thing is to replace one of the `gnome-terminal`
calls you have in your existing script with
`gnome-terminal -e 'bash -rcfile ~/.bash_specialrc'`. This will start a
bash instance that uses ~/.bash_specialrc instead of /etc/bash.bashrc
and ~/.bashrc.


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