[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu CDs (was 5.04)

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Fri Oct 14 02:41:50 CDT 2005

Caparo wrote:

>How about getting them out to the public via Freecycle London
Not particularly the 5.04 CDs but has Canonical considered leaving piles 
of CDs at places like Cybercafes (with permission, of course)?

I noticed at the recent LinuxWorld fair many of the stands had Hoary CD 
sets on them and were giving them away.  Now that it seems that Breezy's 
installation process is more intuitive to the "man in the street" is it 
not pretty much ready to send out there?

Also, the new OEM functionality... is Canonical planning to do any deals 
with manufacturers to produce "Ubuntu in a box" ? I would love to supply 
machines pre-installed with Ubuntu (once I get my IT Services business 
up and running) but doubt I'd have the "buying power" to secure prices 
for the hardware to make the end product attractive to the average 
Windows user who can now get machines for virtually nothing in the High 


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