[ubuntu-uk] mplayer

Nick Mcmahon boredklink at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 11:07:04 CDT 2005

Hi Baza,
         i also am usuing 5.10 and some media files do not work for me, 
i have followed the advice from ubuntuguide but still some arn't 
displayed properly, a semi-solution i have found is to right click 'save 
link as' and view from the desktop or head directly to the media file 
(ie http://www.foo.com/foo.wmv) stop firefox, and save the file like 
that i mostly get problems with: .Mov - they play for less than a second 
then the plugin greys out, .WMA - they dont play at all (which is 
understandable as w32codecs are no longer in the repo i dont think) and 
when downloaded i usually only get audio. ill keep a closer eye on what 
happens if you post a link to the bug you file i might be able to add to 
it and help them out.
Although i had the problem in 5.04 too

Nick McMahon

Baza wrote:

> On 7 Oct 2005, at 15:12, Baza wrote:
>> Hi, before I file a bug report can I just check it's not juts me  
>> having this problem. Is anyone else failing to play some video  media 
>> clips with the mplayer for firefox? On the BBC site I can't  play the 
>> news clips.
>> Baza
> I forgot to say, this is on Ubuntu 5.10, Breezy.
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