brian thefergies at
Thu Nov 17 01:35:10 CST 2005

Thanks a lot once again. I've managed to get it to work once but when it
comes on (the light comes on) I start to have problems with the keyboard
(lags behind my typing or repeats a keystroke about 50 times) so I'm
thinking that there may be an irq conflict. When I installed ubuntu I passed
'pci=noacpci' to the kernel in order to get the via-rhine onboard nic to
work. I don't know how to pass any other comments now that it's installed:
I've used Mandrake before and it uses lilo not grub. I'm not on the computer
right now, but dmesg also gives lots of errors for ndiswrapper. Any ideas on
how to deal with this kind of conflict?
Really appreciate your help, thank you

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