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Tue Nov 8 00:23:50 CST 2005

I have a problem when trying to print to my Epson C66 in Breezy.  The printer, 
with a USB connection, was installed and worked fine until something, possibly 
the printer running out of paper, brought this brief period of success to 
an end.

I have both Gnome and KDE desktops running and I am most familiar with KDE.

Under Gnome the Print Manager shows the printer as 'paused' but there seems to 
be no way to resume printing.  Am I missing some functionality from this 
Gnome utility?

Under KDE the Print Manager gives me the chance to enter 'Admin mode' and I 
can see a red border, presumably telling me I have entered the correct 
password.  On the 'Printer' menu > 'Start/Stop Printer' I can select 'Start 
printer' but this doesn't seem to do anything -  in fact, if I go back his 
menu I only have the option to 'Start printer' which suggests the printer 
hasn't started otherwise I would be able to 'Stop Printer'.

Continuing with the KDE Print Manager, if I then select 'Print Server'  > 
'Restart Server' I get an error message:-

	Unable to restart print server. Error message received from manager:
	Unable to find a running CUPS server

I have done nothing, to my knowledge, to stop CUPS running.  Has it really 
stopped?  I think it is still running because:-

spudulike at ubuntu:~$ ps aux | grep cups
lp       20263  0.0  0.7   7764  3772 ?        SNs  07:35   
0:02 /usr/sbin/cupsd -F

Now, in my Suse days, I would localhost:631 and play with the server from 
there.  I am denied this option, which seems to be the final one to me, in 

I have gone to the effort of adding a new entry for the same printer.  This 
has not helped as it immediately gone into 'Paused printing' mode, like the 

So, clues please as the what to do next?

I had posted this to the ubuntu-users list yesterday but my appeals for help 
have gone unanswered.  I hope that posting again to a quieter list may grasp 
some attention before I admit defeat and go back to Suse.

Colin at

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