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Thom Shutt thom.shutt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 14:37:50 CDT 2005

Well you've put me to shame, I've only installed it on a couple of my
mates machines (single boot though) but i suppose every little bit
helps and all that. Nice work anyway -- Thom

On 03/06/05, Tony Gist <tony at tgtraining.co.uk> wrote:
> Just thought I would relate my experiences on promoting Ubuntu.
> First of all, I run a one-man-band IT training/maintenance outfit. I run
> a number of courses at venues, mainly in the rural areas of North Devon,
> on the usual SOHO apps stuff. All the training I do is done on Open
> Source apps. i.e. Open Office and GIMP etc. For the student it makes
> sense to do training on Open Source applications as I let them have the
> software as part of the course which enables them to practice at home
> using exactly the same software that is used on the course. This gets
> around the problem that I used to have when I did courses using MS apps,
> as invariably students did not have the same version of MS Office (if at
> all) as I was using on the course.
> One of the courses I do is about Internet security. Whereby students
> learn all the security issues concerning Windows and what to do about
> them. The final part of course is about Linux and specifically Ubuntu,
> emphasising the security of using such a system. As a result of these
> sessions I have installed Ubuntu on many of the students PCs (usually
> dual booting) and the result has been very positive. It is interesting
> that the majority of Ubuntu uptake has been with students of retirement
> age. As a result courses are planned for the students specifically on
> using Ubuntu.
> In short, emphasising the improvement in Internet security has been the
> driving force in the uptake of Ubuntu Linux in this corner of the UK.
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