[ubuntu-uk] It's never too early ....

john levin john at technolalia.org
Mon Dec 26 11:58:32 GMT 2005

to think about Lug Radio Live 2006
Lug Radio Live is back, on July 22nd and 23rd, at Wolverhampton 
University Students Union. Jonathan Riddell of Kubutu and Martijn van de 
Streek of Ubuntu will be speaking, Kubuntu will be exhibiting.


See their wiki for travel arrangements - there should be special coaches 
going from up north somewhere, and London.

So, two questions:
Is anybody interested in doing a Ubuntu stall, handing out CDs, 
demonstrating Dapper, etc?
And is anyone interested in a Ubuntu-UK-users BOF (Birds of a Feather) 
meetying, to get to know one another and talk about spreading Ubuntu 
across these isles?


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