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Tue Jan 19 17:03:52 GMT 2010

    Hello ubuntu team,
 A while ago I realized that in so many
internet cafes most of the owners just  live with Windows(just a
computer for a customer to surf,download, print etc). I could suggest
ubuntu right away, but was pulled back by one thing. They used
TIMEWATCHER to control user access, and I googled but couldn't find a
similar application for linux. I thought I should give it a try, I got
it working.
 Can we now relieve them of having 10 computers each
with a label as a sign of Genuine Microsoft Windows? Instead they put
labels of Ubuntu logo and Tux as signs of FREEDOM?
implemented the application using c( for keyboard and mouse grabs using
gtk) and Java. Most functionalities go a java way (everything should
have been in java, but grabs in java mmh!, swing couldn't put my hands off c).
features available are which i came across with, and my own as well.
(Any other feature can be incorporated, suggestions mostly welcome).
1.Restrict the for a specific time duration
2.Let the user user the computer till he/she is done
a multi use token to use at any member internet cafe (if u run several
internet cafes) or come another day to finish your time.
4. Remotely controlling all clients from one central System

 Any suggestions on how this can reach them? One way is to get them to use linux first.
 Have a good time.

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