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donald donaldmteka at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 18 12:36:51 GMT 2010

Thanks very much ubuntu people for the wonderful feedback!

It  shows how much we all want to make Ubuntu reach out to everybody, and willing to support any move that can make that happen.

   I am very much encouraged, and would like to get some customized DVDs (well, after adding some stuffs to make it ready to 'rock n roll', it can't fit in a CD any more) to any members who are easily reachable so that they get the real taste of what I have done. Or, any place(s) that can be suggested as   'convenient drop points' will be good  and I just have to drop a  DVD there for anyone on his own time to pick a copy for evaluating it.
 Of course, this has to be within Dar es Salaam.

  That will certainly open new possibilities and more people will come up with other creative designs and ideas! I believe we can make it.

 Also, if we get more active people, the swahili translation at launchpad would go fast at a speed of light (contrary to right now when only very few people are participating).
 The Kilinux project has kind of frozen as well. Not so much seems to be happening. 
That's why I thought we may need new energy and motivation to accomplish the already setup goals of getting open source software in Kiswahili.

 All the best in your works. 

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