Ubuntu-tz swahili language - programs in edubuntu - project from slovenia

Atanas Cosmas Nkelame nkelame at udsm.ac.tz
Wed Oct 29 07:15:55 GMT 2008

I would like that we start translating Ubuntu into Swahili.

Can anyone provide a guide?

I would love to work with text files etc


> Hallo David,
> First of all I would like to welcome you on our Mailinglist.
> Sorry that you had to wait for a long time but a tanzanian Internet
> connection is not that what you would expect in Europe. ;-)
>> Would you be so kind and tell me which other programs are
>> also written in it? Thank you for your answer in advance.
> Unfortunately I don't know any other programs translated into
> Kiswahili.
> We really would like to change this and if our Homepage is fully
> available and running it is most likely that we will start translating
> some Software.
> If you would like to contribute in any way you are warmly welcome.
> Many Greetings to Europe,
> Lukas a.k.a Gromobir
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