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Sat Aug 25 12:57:48 BST 2007

 Dear Peter,

 I have learned of Ubuntu today through The daily nation online atticle. I
from there visited the Website and came to your adress point and writting
you this message.
 I am an Environemtal writes and parttime enterprenuer for the sake of the
environemt benefits. I have been co-ordinating with On-line platforms as
wired for change organization and had the feeling that this kind of
technologies and facilities can contribute greatly to helping the masses
take care of there environemtal more wisely and reach better stardard of
lives in the third world. It is my beleiefe that there could never be
true prosperity if our Environment is not secured and safe.
I have not learned much about the possibilities of Ubuntu on this subject
but I have the feeling it is one of the correct direction that the third
world should take, environmentally or economically.
I would like to co-operate more with such minded organization or communities.
best of luck with you journey on this road. i would be happy to learn more
from you. i will be willing to co-operate my info on my

Benson D. Mkony
The Wailing Trees.

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