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> ** Hello kurt,
> I'm from the mt lambert area. I haven't published my work yet but I do web
> development and lately I've been studying relational databases. I also have
> been playing around with ubuntu server for a while now. I've been trying to
> get a mini home data center going as a hobby project.
> I also like tinkering with the kernel when I can. Thanks for the welcome
> man. Hopefully I can get some help here with my projects and share as well.
> Cheers.
> Northside
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> Aloha
> I am kurt the head ubuntuer around here, and if you are already a developer
> what do you work on, i do bug triage with the bugsquad and i am currently
> working on joining the bug control team and i can upload things too ppa, so
> they are a few things coming up where are  you from i reside close to san
> fernando so alot of what i do is centered around there.
> Cheers and welcome
> kurt

We also have a facebook group i made a few days ago so you meet up with
other members of the team. you can find it here
We are changing the strategy alittle and are getting more social :)

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