Translating the Ubuntu flutter applications (including the installer)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Wed Apr 17 06:43:46 UTC 2024

Sebastien Bacher kirjoitti 27.3.2024 klo 17.03:
> The translation project got renamed as part of the changes and includes 
> the installer/provisioning components as well as the app-center and 
> firmware-updater

Thank you for the access rights.

I quickly ran through the Finnish translations, they should be ok now. 
There were some bits of getting used to Weblate after Launchpad, see below.

Notably for people coming from Launchpad background you will want to 
seek the "Zen" buttons to get a familiar, not too slow translation mode.

As you translate (or review existing translations), you need to click 
Approve (or whatever it is in your language) for each string, otherwise 
it will stay only as Translated but waiting for review.

Additionally, there are flagged "errors" for reasons like reused 
translations, no change from the original string etc which in all their 
redness seem alarming at first, but seem like harmless once you 
understand how they're flagged. I'd prefer being able to mark them 
"ignore" and make them green again.

If I understand correctly, there are a lot of Translated translations 
but almost none (aside from Finnish now) that are also Approved. It 
would be nice to get clarified that the Approved status is probably 
required for being included? If that's the case, hurry up or aim for .1 
release instead :)

Thanks, looking forward to a great distro release.


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