REMINDER: Call for testing: Xenial langpack updates IV (try 2)

Hannie Dumoleyn lafeber-dumoleyn2 at
Wed Jul 18 16:16:29 UTC 2018

Op 18-07-18 om 16:35 schreef Gunnar Hjalmarsson:
> Hey translators,
> Two parallel language pack updates are taking place at the moment.
> For the 18.04.1 one, and as Ɓukasz explained, we don't call for 
> testing. All the languages will migrate to bionic-updates unless some 
> regression is detected when doing some sanity checks.
> But this message is really about the Xenial language pack update 
> before the release of Ubuntu 16.04.5. In that case only those 
> languages which have been successfully tested will make it to the users.
> So far only two languages - French and Swedish - have been tested, and 
> I would really encourage more translators teams to take this 
> opportunity to improve the translation coverage. The requested test 
> steps don't take long to accomplish.
> There is one more week left for testing - deadline is July 25 at 14:00 
> UTC.
> Cheers,
Hi Gunnar,

Much as I would like to test for the Dutch language, I can't because I 
do not have 16.04 installed. I will ask others if they want to test.



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