Japanese team (reviewer) is not working

Nobuto Murata nobuto at nobuto-murata.org
Tue Feb 21 12:33:15 UTC 2017

Better not to contact a team admin individually, but through mailing lists
for this kind of topics. Personally I don't think the IRC meeting is
relevant at this stage.


2017/02/21 午後9:24 "BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen." <balloonakafusen at gmail.com>:

Hi, Mutata-san

I am in contact with the team admin. But there is no reaction.
amd Tuesday(Japan Time) was the meeting day of Japanese Team,
I entered IRC and posted, but there was not any conversation.
These are not working...

BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen. (Keiichi SHIGA)
balloonakafusen at gmail.com

2017-02-21 21:13 GMT+09:00 Nobuto Murata <nobuto at nobuto-murata.org>:
> Hi,
> You can always reach out to Ubuntu local community in Japan via:
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-jp
> Or translators team directly:
> ubuntu-l10n-ja at lists.launchpad.net
> Thanks,
> 2017/02/21 午後9:02 "BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen." <balloonakafusen at gmail.com>:
>> Hi everyone in the translation team.
>> I recently performed Ubuntu flavor Japanese translation, but it is not
>> reflected.
>> For example slideshow-ubuntu-mate has not been reviewed since 2014,
>> There are many items of Suggestions.
>> https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/zesty/+
>> The team has not approved a new reviewer last in 2014.
>> I still have a name on Pending approval.
>> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ja
>> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ja/+members
>> It is approved by the local team "Ubuntu Japanese Team".
>> https://wiki.ubuntulinux.jp/enroll/translator_candidates
>> But this team's meeting has not worked for about 2 years.
>> https://wiki.ubuntulinux.jp/IRCMeeting (Japanese)
>> In this state, Japanese translation of Ubuntu flavors is getting worse!
>> Can you support this problem?
>> BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen. (Keiichi SHIGA)
>> balloonakafusen at gmail.com
>> https://launchpad.net/~balloon
>> --
>> ubuntu-translators mailing list
>> ubuntu-translators at lists.ubuntu.com
>> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-translators
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