So, now it looks like we will never get a phone, ever

Fòram na Gàidhlig fios at
Thu Apr 6 08:55:19 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Canonical is axing the developement of the phone and tablet:

Same story as with what Mozilla did to us: We spent years developing a
phone, localizing and creating a keyboard and a couple 100$ on devices
out of our private purses for testing, only for the project to be axed
before it had a chance to take off, because the "Internet of Things"
seems to be more attractive.

We can also forget about getting our languages on iOS or Android,
because the manufacturers will decide which language are allowed on each
phone, not the user. So, if you're not one of the big 10-20 who happen
to be living in the wrong country, tough luck.

After Adaptxt was axed and we had to move to Swiftkey, iOS isn't even
allowing our keyboard locale.

So, this is another VERY BLACK day for our languages, and a sad day for
all those developers who spent so much effort into giving us a free (as
in freedom) phone.

I hope this mail reaches the powers that be.


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