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Sat Oct 10 00:31:59 UTC 2015

Chineese has translated , needed someone review?

Shi Jing

Ubuntu Kylin Team
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At 2015-10-09 19:12:55, "Nekhelesh Ramananthan" <krnekhelesh at> wrote:

Hi everyone,

We're about to release a new version of clock app to the store. To my suprise it turns out that most languages have already been translated without me having to make a request :). Thanks a lot for that!

There are a couple more languages (Spanish, Dutch, Chineese and Russian) that has some untranslated strings. Some of them are mandatory before pushing out a release. Can translators of those languages please translate them by next week. We just added 4 new strings for this release.

Thanks again for translating clock app.


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