Translation for Middle East languages / Xubuntu machines for refugees (goto)

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Why xfce? Can't Debian, Mint or Mate do the job? They are all lightweith and well translated cause they take ubuntu translations. I'm using Mate and the lightest Debian. Both great, well developed systems with great support.

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To whom it may concern,

I guess you know about the current refugee crisis in Europe.

Our club has set up a some machines with Xubuntu for a local refugee
camp to allow refugees getting their stuff done.

Most of the refugees speak only Arabic, Kurdish or Farsi(Persian).

Sadly XFCE is not that good translated and most of the XFCE elements are
still not working.

We need the translation urgently because the refugees can't use the
machines until they learned English or German or the translation got better.

We try to encourage local people speaking this languages (and English
speaking refugees) to help us translating this stuff.

My two questions are:
1) If we tell the people to use the official Site: - How long does it take until we
get the translation on out local machines?
2) If we decide to build our own .lo/.mo-files with the translated texts
- Can we submit them to the translation project?

With best regards


Computerwerk Darmstadt e.V.
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