@ Hannie Dumoleyn "at", "count", etc.

Phillip Sz phillip.szelat at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 15:28:46 UTC 2014


>What I must say the German team often force to be the best. They use a
brute force method to get the 100% whether the strong will be correct or

That's wrong. We don't do that at all. How can you see this?

And yes, we also make mistakes, but you can't say that we use brute force
methods or trying to be "cool". We always give our best and also test our

>please do NOT translate "at" or "count" if You do not know the context!

For example the string "at": you can see that string when you start the app
and add a new Event. I had context, when I translated that.

>do not try to be "cool" just to get a congratulation from David


If you have specific problems with me or the german translators team, which
are not false accusations, please contact us via our mailing-list or fill a
bug. Thanks.

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