Translating Ubuntu on phones for RTM

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Jul 15 10:46:09 UTC 2014

Hi Translators,

As mentioned in previous e-mails, this cicle the phone has got a special
focus: for the first time around, Ubuntu will be available on retail phones
later in the year.

As a reminder, while the release schedule for the desktop remains the same
as usual, this time around all components related to the phone have an
earlier milestone called RTM (Release To Manufacture), which falls in
August this year.

It's a unique opportunity to make Ubuntu phones available in your language
to a whole new wave of users, and as everyone is ramping up to RTM, it
would be great to have translations in as many languages as possible before
August. While the time is tight, I'm pretty sure that even those
translation teams who haven't started should be able to manage pretty well:
the complete string count is only about 1400 messages, which is a small
figure compared with the numbers of translations teams do during a cicle.

You'll find daily stats and links to all templates that are part of the
phone image here:

Some teams, such as the Asturian, have done an awesome job at getting
through most of the translations in a couple of days only [1]!

So, let's get this phone translated! :-)


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