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Thu Feb 13 14:37:45 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,
Last week we had a meeting of the Greek translation team and we started
talking about launchpad's cooperation with upstream, especially Gnome. I'm
still not 100% sure how it works, so let me describe how I think it works,
and see if you agree.

Suppose we have a gnome package, say NAUTILUS.
To start with, it is translated in Gnome, and Launchpad inherits the Gnome
translation automatically. Correct?

One of the strings to translate is "Good". The French team has mistakenly
translated it as "Bienn" in Gnome. Someone corrects it to "Bien" in
Now, the translation shown in Ubuntu is "Bien". Correct?

4 new strings are added to NAUTILUS. These are translated in Gnome but not
in Launchpad.
Does Ubuntu inherit those new translations, or does it show those strings
as untranslated?

If the new strings show as untranslated, is there anything the French
translators team/administrators can do to force Launchpad to automatically
use the upstream translations again?

If the new strings show as translated, what happens if the French
translation of "Good" in Gnome is updated and becomes "Bon"?
The translation in Ubuntu remains "Bien" or does it become "Bon"?

Is the procedure the same with Debian packages?

Is there some kind of definitive/automatically updated list of preinstalled
Ubuntu packages that are translated exclusively in Launchpad? Also, a list
of packages shared with Gnome and Debian?

Thanks in advance,

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