Phone translations keep coming in, still no word of a deadline

Ask Hjorth Larsen asklarsen at
Tue Aug 12 16:05:20 UTC 2014

Dear influential people whom I know to be reading this

I shall have to apologize in advance for the bit of complaining that I
shall be doing below.  The Ubuntu phone strings keep coming in at a
steady pace, we have to hurry every day to patch everything up in case
that day happens to be the deadline, which we don't know.

Instead of working efficiently offline with po-files we have to work
with Launchpad which is unstable and does not properly support a
review process, because of all the small changes taking place across
many modules.  The result is that we spend much more time patching up
the translations every time there's a little update than it would take
to do a big chunk of bulk translations once and for all, then run that
once through the review process.  We have patched the Danish
translation probably four times with big fanfare and e-mail exchanges,
only to see ~200 new strings again today.  Please, please provide a
proper string freeze and a deadline.  This is not all right.  Would
you please try to talk to the responsible people and get them to
provide some useful information or estimates that we can use to
facilitate our own work?

Best regards

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