Ubuntu Touch emulator - problem with latest builds?

Josef Andersson josef.andersson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 09:16:25 UTC 2014

I was going to try a new build of the Ubuntu Touch Emulator but only get
a blank screen with the latest builds. My ambition was to test out the
Swedish translation in it's real context to find errors. I have tried
the emulator on two different setups, (which both worked fine with the
emulator at about two weeks ago) and I can't get it too work on any of
them. I asked for confirmation in the Swedish forum, and so far, I got
confirmation from one other person that it doesn't work.

Would be great if somebody else could confirm if a * new * instance is
working for them (on a fully updated 14.04).
Vänligen / Best regards
Josef Andersson

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