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Mon Sep 23 13:36:58 UTC 2013

Replying to both Michael and Yuri to avoid spamming the list with many replies.

On 13-09-22 06:45 AM, Michael Bauer wrote:
> Right, so new users are unlikely to look for it since it will be a
> dead-in-the-water tool, so junk translations in checkbox won't really affect the
> users.

Despite the focus on Ubuntu Friendly, checkbox existed long before that, and
will still be useful as a generic system-testing tool, so the "dead in the
water" qualification is not entirely accurate.

> Thanks!
> Michael
> 22/09/2013 11:43, sgrìobh Yuri Chornoivan:
>> Hi,
>> Ubuntu Friendly is gone [1] and I've asked for the priority to be zeroed.
>> There should be some discussion during last UDS about a replacement of
>> checkbox but there is no information about the results.

We discussed a new testing library/engine that will eventually drive a
replacement for checkbox. The engine is under development but is not yet ready
for prime time. Thus, it will not happen in Ubuntu 13.10, so at least for that
version checkbox will still be there.

Though the string changes are minimal, I'd still consider checkbox a target for
quick review and translation of the few changes that are submitted as part of
everyday bug fixing. I'm OK with lowering the priority to better target efforts
but I'd like to make a case for not entirely dismissing checkbox.

>> In short, there will be checkbox package but it will send data to nowhere. ;)

Raw data is sent to launchpad ( It
doesn't just go into a black hole. Ubuntu Friendly leveraged that data, it won't
anymore, but other tools might.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about Checkbox.

- Daniel

>> Best regards,
>> Yuri 

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