Getting a user barred from a language

Tom Davies tomdavies04 at
Thu Sep 12 16:04:11 UTC 2013

Hi :)
it's really difficult to deal with someone that prolific.  If we annoy them then maybe they might become more deliberately destructive (although by the sounds of it he might do that badly too and end up doing more good than harm??)

Is there anyway of meeting the person face-to-face, preferably in a pub full of proper native-Scots speakers?  
Regards from 
Tom :)  

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Subject: Re: Getting a user barred from a language

Could we have some help from the admins, please? I will beg if 
necessary... I've just checked the activity log for this user 
( and it's just not letting up. 
There *must* be a way.

Is it possible to deactivate an account globally? This user is *really* 
doing more harm than good on a massive scale.

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