Getting a user barred from a language

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Is there a way his translations can be set to moderated on a global scale?

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> Hi Michael,
>> I can see you are quite desperate. If you want help from LP admins, you
>> could file a bug against Launchpad itself (or find someone to talk to on
>> #launchpad), but I think it will we very hard to convince them that a
>> person who is delivering bad translations should be banned. On LP a team
>> can choose a restricted or moderated policy so that suggestions will
>> always be reviewed by members of the team.
>> Of course it is sad that, despite your efforts to ask this person
>> politely not to contribute anymore, he still continues.
>> Regards,
>> Hannie
> The problem here is that the people who let him on the team don't speak a
> word of Gaelic, look at his massive Karma and let him in. So, restricting
> permissions to teams doesn't work unless there is someone on the team who
> speaks the language who can judge who gets reviewer status.
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