Getting a user barred from a language

Michael Bauer fios at
Wed Sep 11 17:47:11 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

I'm really at my wits' end with a particular user, The main problem is that while 
enthusiastic, he is at best only semi-fluent in Gaelic. I have tried 
talking (politely) to him and also various other people off-list in the 
past in the hope of resolving this diplomatically until about May time 
when I suggested to him he hold off doing any further translation into 
Gaelic. The problem was that over a long period he has submitted so many 
really bad translations that it was taking me, and to some extent 
GunChleoc, ages to proofread the existing translations, a task not made 
easier by more bad translations appearing all the time.

At that point he took the huff and resigned from the Ubuntu team, which 
was unfortunate but bearing in mind this is supposed to be a serious 
product, I did not feel politeness ought to override QA so I hope this 
would be for the better. But now it seems he is back, this time doing 
stuff on Linux Mint and some other packs.

I am seriously fed up with chasing after this guy and since this cannot 
be the first time this has happened, I would like to know what the 
formal procedure is for getting him barred from translating into Gaelic. 
His contributions to code may be kosher, I have no way of telling, but 
his translations are seriously substandard and I really want to get to a 
point where we can stop chasing after his bad translations and focus on 
doing the job right. Both GunChleoc and I are highly experienced in 
software localization, between the two of us we run most Gaelic 
localization projects, including the Microsoft language packs and we are 
both in agreement that the quality is not acceptable.

I'm sorry it has come to this, given the paucity of Gaelic localizers, 
but it has become *that* bad.


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