Line breaking

Michael Bauer fios at
Sat Oct 19 12:13:11 UTC 2013

LOL guys I'm totally confused now. Which is it? The outcome I want is that when I get this in Launchpad:

System Settings
Roghainnean an t-siostaim

the result for the user on screen is
an t-siostaim

or at least

Roghainnean an

NOT as it currently is:
Roghainnean an t-

Either approach suggested to date is fine by me but I'd kind of like to know which one works before I go changing a lot, seeing there's only 1 l10n update a year, I can't very well experiment ;)


> It should be \x00AD (U+00AD, soft hyphen, shy).
> Sources:
> Gtk+:
> Qt:

> A soft hyphon hints that a word can be broaken and a hyphon inserted,
> pretty much the opposed of what Michael seams to want here.

> You need to insert the actual charector - . If you don't have a keyboard
> combination for typing it then save it to a text file for handy use in
> the future.

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