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Michael Bauer fios at
Thu Oct 17 19:21:42 UTC 2013

Many thanks for suggesting that Dave - 13.10 is indeed much better. The 
only oddity that springs out straight away are the system folders 
(Pictures, Videos) but perhaps these were maintained because I'm 
upgrading from an existing version, I had a similar thing when switching 
languages on Thunderbird.

Sorry I panicked a bit but this has been such a frustrating episode that 
when I'd upgraded to 13.04 (which I must have gotten mixed up in my head 
with .10) I took one look and went "Oh no".

Panic over. Sorry folks :)


17/10/2013 16:28, sgrìobh Dave Walker:
> Can you clarify if you mean 13.04, or infact the new release of 13.10?
> If it is 13.04, as you stated, this was released in April this year
> which is/after/  the translation you linked to was approved.
> Therefore, it wouldn't be possible to be in 13.04.
> It would be worth checking if it is correct in 13.10, which was released today.

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