Scottish Gaelic

Michael Bauer fios at
Thu Oct 17 15:01:17 UTC 2013

Ok, I'm a *really* unhappy bunny just now. I've just finished upgrading 
to 13.04 with great expectations which promptly came crashing down 
around my head. Could someone please explain to me why we are still 
getting the old crap translations even when we've committed proofread ones?

For example
Search your computer and online sources
was proofread in July and set to
Lorg air a' choimpiutair agad is air loidhne

But what I'm getting on my machine is still the old crap:
Sir do choimputair agus bunan-tùs air-loidhne

Most, like "Aithris an trioblaid" (Report issue/problem), "Na H-uile 
Suidheachaidhean" (All Settings) I cannot even find anywhere on 
Launchpad. Does this mean there are files getting pulled from other 
places to build the langpacks?

Or does the fact I appear to be on Mubuntu mean that stuff got pulled 
from Mint (which we didn't manage to clean up in time because we 
discovered it too late)?

This is really getting a bit beyond a joke, I'm really really 
disappointed that after all the time we've put in to fix this without 
managing to get a global deletion of all the bad translations there was 
either a key step we weren't told we had to make or that something got 
messed up along the way somewhere.


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