Alpha 1 coming up...

Hendrik Knackstedt hendrik.knackstedt at
Mon Jun 24 17:46:09 UTC 2013

The DDTP template for Saucy has been in the import queue for a while now
but has not been published yet so currently it is not possible to submit
new translations for package descriptions in Saucy.

See the following bug report:


Am Sonntag, den 23.06.2013, 22:21 -0500 schrieb Kate Stewart:
> Dear translators, 
>     Alpha 1 is scheduled for this Thursday,  and based on
>;  its time to check that
> launchpad has been opened up for contributions.
>     I'm seeing
> that still recommends translations for Raring.
>     When historically has this switched over to the current release?
> Should it be now or later?
> Thanks, Kate

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