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Tue Jun 11 21:09:01 UTC 2013

I have found a more efficient way to compute stats. You'll all have the
first release for your team next tuesday, with week on week figures. For
now on, don't bother following the steps in my previous message.

pierre.slamich at

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 7:31 PM, Pierre Slamich <pierre.slamich at>wrote:

> I've fixed that, but the script seems to be having issues fetching the
> proper figures for some languages (for instance for nl and de). I'm
> currently looking into that, to avoid having to fetch it manually.
> Pierre
> On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 6:00 PM, Hannie Dumoleyn <
> lafeber-dumoleyn2 at> wrote:
>>  Hi Pierre,
>> I tried to paste range A1:E8 on the new tab, nl-24-2013, but I am only
>> allowed to paste starting in A9. When I try A1 I get the message that there
>> is an overlap with protected cells.
>> Hannie
>> Op 11-06-13 15:12, Pierre Slamich schreef:
>> One of the thing we need as team members is the ability to send a weekly
>> mail with the evolution of translation for our language week on week, both
>> for Ubuntu and the Package Descriptions.
>> I've created a little tool to do just that. What's more: the way it's
>> designed will enable us in the future to have stats that go beyond week on
>> week (think chart showing progress over the year, or top 10 or most active
>> teams) since each week for each langage will be stored.
>>  Each week, you'll have to go to this URL and do the 10 following easy
>> steps (takes one to two minutes for your team each week) :
>> 1. Go to the Team Weekly Stats tab
>>  2. Choose your country code in G1
>> 3. Copy the A1:E8 range
>> 4. Create a new tab with the name given in I1
>> 5. Paste the A1:E8 range as values in the new tab (starting in A1)
>> 6. Go to the WoW tab
>> 7. Select your Country Code
>> 8. Get your WoW changes
>> 9. Make a screenshot of the tab Team Weekly Stats and WoW changes
>> 10. Send them to your mailing list
>>  If you're willing to help extend this report for new metrics and
>> insights, help is welcome.
>>  Pierre
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