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Hannie Dumoleyn lafeber-dumoleyn2 at
Tue Jun 11 16:00:04 UTC 2013

Hi Pierre,
I tried to paste range A1:E8 on the new tab, nl-24-2013, but I am only 
allowed to paste starting in A9. When I try A1 I get the message that 
there is an overlap with protected cells.

Op 11-06-13 15:12, Pierre Slamich schreef:
> One of the thing we need as team members is the ability to send a 
> weekly mail with the evolution of translation for our language week on 
> week, both for Ubuntu and the Package Descriptions.
> I've created a little tool to do just that. What's more: the way it's 
> designed will enable us in the future to have stats that go beyond 
> week on week (think chart showing progress over the year, or top 10 or 
> most active teams) since each week for each langage will be stored.
> Each week, you'll have to go to this URL and do the 10 following easy 
> steps (takes one to two minutes for your team each week) :
> 1. Go to the Team Weekly Stats tab
> 2. Choose your country code in G1
> 3. Copy the A1:E8 range
> 4. Create a new tab with the name given in I1
> 5. Paste the A1:E8 range as values in the new tab (starting in A1)
> 6. Go to the WoW tab
> 7. Select your Country Code
> 8. Get your WoW changes
> 9. Make a screenshot of the tab Team Weekly Stats and WoW changes
> 10. Send them to your mailing list
> If you're willing to help extend this report for new metrics and 
> insights, help is welcome.
> Pierre

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