Unity translation bug in Saucy

Simos Xenitellis simos.lists at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 25 21:15:13 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 10:19 PM, Игорь Зубарев <igor.zubarev at gmail.com>wrote:

> Unity is completely translated in Saucy in Russian but shows untranslated.
> Is it ok?

Check out that the files for Unity exist under

These should be:
unity_firefox_extension.mo  unity-lens-photos.mo
unity-greeter.mo            unity-lens-shopping.mo
unity-lens-applications.mo  unity-lens-video.mo
unity-lens-files.mo         unity.mo
unity-lens-friends.mo       unity_webapps.mo

If not, go into Language Selector (Settings) and verify that Russian is

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