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Hi :)
3% sounds better and more likely.  1% was a bit off.  I do agree that the result and implications are about the same.  Of course Android is also a version of Linux so the total figure from your site for all of Gnu&Linuxes added together is around 9%.  Ubuntu is only part of the  3% figure though.  So your point is still valid.  

Some translations are done upstream though so maybe they do contribute to the wider total figure of 9%?  It's still lower than we would like though!  

When MS tell us Gnu&Linux total figure is less than 1% they tend to include figures from websites that can only be read using Internet Explorer.  So Firefox users and others make their web-browsers pretend to be IE thus giving false stats.  Also they include special interest sites that no self-respecting Gnu&Linux users would ever visit.  
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>Hi Tom,
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>> Hi :)
>> That usage figure of 1-2% has been quoted for decades without anyone 
>> really looking into it.  MS keeps telling us that it's still only 1-2% 
>> according to studies they paid for.
>They broadly match the site stats I collect from my websites, below the 
>data for June
>Windows    65.12%
>Macintosh    14.75%
>iOS    8.62%
>Android    5.88%
>Linux    3.00%
>(not set)    2.00%
>Yes, folk have multiple devices so you're really measing devices, not 
>users which is important to remember. But I am certain that a figure for 
>Linux devices below 5% is realistic, if depressing.
>I wasn't arguing which is the better one - I think this just came off a 
>question of how many people are using which localization and I was 
>pointing out that the langpack download stats are, in my view, not a 
>reliable indicator.
>For example, for Gaelic related sites such as mine you would expect a 
>higher than average % of users with a Gaelic OS. But 77% of the OS 
>languages visiting are English, Gaelic at 1.25%. Since Win 8 and Ubuntu 
>are the only Gaelic desktop operating systems, that means either has a 
>share *less* than 1.25% of visitors to my site. Which is, in fact, 
>realistic at gut level and also way below what the langpack downloads 
>might suggest.
>So what we really need would be ask a site like Wikipedia if they could 
>tell us what the OS languages of people are within each OS type.
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