Semi-mechanizing the DTTP translations

Redmar redmar at
Wed Jan 16 08:23:32 UTC 2013

Hannie Dumoleyn schreef op di 15-01-2013 om 12:22 [+0100]:
> Hi,
> You can add your own Translation Memory (TM) to the Translator Kit, but 
> the number of Kb's is limited.
> And yes, the translation is pretty poor. It is only usable for common 
> phrases and words.
> This means that, like you said, it is better to use Redmar's script to 
> sort on popularity and then translate offline.
> Hannie

When you merge the translations of an older version of ubuntu into the
current version (msgmerge quantal_ddtp.po raring_ddtp.po -o
merged_ddtp.po, for example), there will be a lot of 'fuzzy'
translations for strings that are similar (for example, meta packages
for different programs, debugging symbols etc). This can also save
considerable time, and does not have the problems your language might
have with google translate.

> Op 14-01-13 23:24, Hendrik Knackstedt schreef:
> > Hey everybody!
> > Tried Google Translator Kit today for German translations and sadly it
> > doesn't produce a lot of useful translations. The main problem is
> > sentence structure and grammar are totally messed up.
> >
> > In addition, is there a way to tell Google how it should translate a
> > certain word? It messes up words like "engine" that better should not be
> > translated.
> >
> > I'll try a bit more, maybe there is something useful coming out of it
> > somehow. Otherwise offline translation probably will be the best option
> > we have right now. Redmar, your script is very useful for this!

> >
> > Hendrik
> >

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