Semi-mechanizing the DTTP translations

Pierre Slamich pierre.slamich at
Mon Jan 14 22:30:15 UTC 2013

We had the same problem initially for French. As noted on the pad, we went
through mass refactoring using Regular Expressions and such, and we're a
throusand strings away now :-P
Seriously: a lot of us were skeptical, but with some cleanup (you'll
quickly find patterns when it comes to mistakes), it will prove useful.
For the rest, you'll have snippets in German that you'll be able to reuse.

Out of curiosity, could you share part of the result so far ?
If you can read French, there's a list of common mistakes we corrected ( As we spotted more common mistakes,
we reuploaded the file in the bogus project after quick find and replace

Pierre Slamich
pierre.slamich at

2013/1/14 Hendrik Knackstedt <hendrik.knackstedt at>

> Hey everybody!
> Tried Google Translator Kit today for German translations and sadly it
> doesn't produce a lot of useful translations. The main problem is
> sentence structure and grammar are totally messed up.
> In addition, is there a way to tell Google how it should translate a
> certain word? It messes up words like "engine" that better should not be
> translated.
> I'll try a bit more, maybe there is something useful coming out of it
> somehow. Otherwise offline translation probably will be the best option
> we have right now. Redmar, your script is very useful for this!
> Hendrik
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