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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Feb 8 08:06:44 UTC 2013

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to send a quick heads-up from the Ubuntu Packaging Guide.
In the Packaging Guide project we set the goal to have around 70% of
translations completed, before we ship a separate package including the
guide in the language and putting up the guide in the language on

Currently the only guides available are English and Spanish (98%).

But some other teams are getting close:

	ru (65%)
	pt_BR (46%)
	ja (14%)
	de (10%)
	id (5%)
	fr (4%)
	nl (2%)
	zh_HK (1%)

Below 1%: it, te, en_AU, vi, mk, sv, tr, lv, zh_TW, sl, hu, ca.

Thanks a lot for all the hard work everybody put into this and let's see
if we can get some more guides out to new contributors in Ubuntu
development. This will considerably ease their way into the project.

Big hugs, have a great day,

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