Ubuntu 13.10 and 12.04 language pack updates

Hannie Dumoleyn lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl
Fri Dec 13 16:40:04 UTC 2013

Great! I am very happy that the language packs for 12.04 and 13.10 will
be updated soon.

op 13-12-13 12:37, David Planella schreef:
> Hi Translators,
> Unfortunately working on App Development, I don't have the time I'd
> like to have for translations these days. However, I've spent some of
> this morning looking at the top translations tasks that need
> addressing right now.
> One of them is the update of language packs for the latest stable
> release (13.10) and for the latest LTS release (12.04), especially in
> the light of this bug [1] in the Norwegian locale.
> So I'm proposing to schedule a langpack update some time next week for
> at least 13.10 and possibly 12.04 (otherwise 12.04 could follow the
> week after).
> I've not yet set up the dates, which I'll send in a follow-up e-mail
> as soon as I've figured out the details. At this point I just wanted
> to give you a heads up to give you time in case you want to fix or
> complete any translations over the weekend, so that they make it to
> this langpack update.
> Let me know if you've got any questions, and happy translating!
> Cheers,
> David.
> [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bug/1244314

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