Ubuntu Phone( Persian Language)

Mohi Mirdamadi mohi.pub at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 19:50:31 UTC 2013

Dear Reza,

Can you please send your LP user to me?

The process is giving you some small files to match you with the translation in order to 
make all translations similar. And then after some practice, you may easily obtain the 
review access. :)

Don't hesitate to ask anything if you needed further help.


On Panj shanbe 07 Azar 1392 16:00:03 Reza HB wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm Rehb Persian Software Developer,
> my Team like to helping and Translate Ubuntu Phone to Persian Language,
> if until now anybody working on this,
>  how we can helping?

Mohamad Reza Mirdamadi
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