Translation stats for 13.04?

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Fri Apr 26 14:02:40 UTC 2013

Al 11/04/13 14:48, En/na David Planella ha escrit:
> Al 10/04/13 21:27, En/na Simos Xenitellis ha escrit:
>> Hi All,
>> Is there a translation stats page for 13.04?
>> There is this page for 12.10,
>> which is still updated (the cron script is still running).
>> Can we get a page for 13.04?
>> Simos
> Hi Simos,
> The idea was to replace the single HTML page with the translations stats
> web app [1] I had running a while ago.
> However, both (the single HTML page and the Django-based web app) rely
> on a daily export (i.e. database dump) of translations stats to work.
> A while ago that translations export was stopped, as the Launchpad
> policy is that such functions need to be part of Launchpad itself. Thus
> the stats are frozen at that point in time, which is the main reason why
> I took the web app down.
> In order to get exports back up and running I submitted a merge proposal
> to include it in Launchpad [2], but it still needs some extra work
> (mainly a database patch to unblock it). I was doing this on my spare
> time, and unfortunately since then I've not had the chance to look at it.
> If someone would step up and give a hand with that, that'd be awesome,
> as from the feedback I got, translators were finding those stats useful,
> and once that data would be on the webapp, that'd open a world of
> possibilities [3]. Think automatic weekly reports on translation
> progress, as an example.
> Cheers,
> David.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

Hi all,

Just a quick update on this one. We got the exports up to Raring running
again, so I put the stats server back online:

I'll look into getting Saucy Salamander stats in there as soon as we
open translations. I just put it back online last night and did a
translation stats import. So while you should still consider this as
very much alpha, you can already see the 13.04 stats for your language.

If you want to contribute with code, CSS, or anything else, you can head
up to:

To report bugs:

Enjoy! :)


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